Rojo Mediterráneo

Carlos Mata - Oscar Bento

vom 30. Oktober bis 6. Dezember 2021
Eröffnung am 2. Oktober 2021 um 17.30 Uhr

The red of the Mediterranean land, of a culture steeped in history. The symbolic color recalls for us the classical world, from the color of blood to the volcanic lava which emerges molding  itself into ancestral forms. The “Rojo Mediterráneo” exhibition combines the elegance and grace of Carlos Mata’s bronze sculptures, horses and bulls with an essential and stylized form, symbols of strength and power, accompanied by the warm colors of the paintings of the Argentine artist Oscar Bento, capturing the environment and the life that has formed and inspired him. Clear and light shapes, geometrical surfaces, tending to monochrome, like flows of precious pigment, seem to reflect all the colors of the world.

Our gallery has been active for 24 years in the historic center of Florence. It is a lively meeting place, a source of ideas, a space where dialogue and comparison between various arts takes place, the scene of many initiatives, events, exhibitions and the meetings between artists and writers. This peculiarity of ours has allowed us to establish new collaboration and an exchange of artistic languages, also with international galleries.  The most recent being Begemot Art Gallery in Barcelona with which the idea of this new project was born.