Blue Valentines

Gianfranco Becucci

5 July – 20 July 2019
opening 5 July, 6 pm
buvette with aperitiv

Art is the language of the soul. Art feeds the soul.
It is when the artist has the gift of being able to express himself throught different medias that it is possible for an acute observer to be touched in his/her deepest chords. This is the case of the poliedric Gianfranco Becucci, who combines visual arts and music. I read that he said “only in the union of the arts we can try to get closer to the ideal of absolute beauty”. I agree with him and his artistic path stands to that statement as an attempt and an evidence. 

Eugenio Giani
Presidente del Consiglio Regionale della Toscana


Is a florentine artist, born in 1959. High school of arts degree and music conservatory. Chamber music concertist and composer for theatre and stage performances. Jazz player in italian clubs. Meanwhile he keeps painting and working on the tight relation between visual and music communication.