Ditelo con una donna

Renato Mertens

1st – 15th March 2023
opening wednsday 1st March 2023, at 6 pm

The exhibition “Ditelo con una donna” by Renato Mertens opens on Wednesday, 1st March, 2023 at 6 pm at the Galleria Immaginaria in Florence.

Quickly capturing the outlines, tracing them on the last envelope that arrived with the stamp still damp, to be able to stop the thought of Her before it fades away. This alphabet of female figures, loved or dreamed of, belongs to Renato Mertens.
The envelopes open for him like unpublished notebooks to continue his natural propensity for drawing, but they also remain as a bridge of affection and memories with whoever had those envelopes written and sent.
Mertens develops his visions through the poetic enchantment of feeling towards a female world, which he evokes in the profiles and shapes, which have become completely abstract over time.

Curated by Paola Facchina.


Renato Mertens, (1927 – 2008) Friulian artist, who found harmony and beauty in the art cities of Venice and Florence, as in the female world, from which he drew inspiration.

We miss Renato for his ability to play with the magic of art, declined on every material. He always enjoyed experimenting with new ideas, finding happiness in every objets trouvés, as an object precious that in his hands was transformed into a poetic work.