Domenico Lo Russo

th6th May – 24 May 2022
inauguration Friday 6th May 2022, h 18.00

The works being shown are photographic paintings, shots taken en-plein-air and then painted on canvas in the studio. They are of wild flowers, bougainvillia shoots or of Filicuso trees which surround the countryside of Curinga in Calabria, the artist’s native town.
These photographic images are the result of an artistic evolution developed since the Seventies  which accompanied the artist’s occupation as plastic surgeon.  With the aid of Xeroradiography, a  technology which is no longer in use, he transformed the human body  into landscapes, flowers, sky and sea.
With these works, the artist continues to keep us “off balance” between all possible realities. We ask ourselves how many realities exist in the lives of each one of us and in nature. So, a photograph of a flower becomes a painting of a flower, bent sunflowers spring back to life, yellowing leaves are oxygenated and live again, if the oxygen returns to purify the air, or simply as a painted canvas.
It is a representation of what is real but also a creation of another reality, achieved  by the juxtaposition of various artistic genre and techniques  applied in the same art work.
The alteration of the subject being represented does not render it unrecognisable. It is rather another reality obtained by altering the colour scale, the profile of the image, the movement of the form, eliminating or adding details.
The exhibition is an invitation to enter into the space created by the artist. Just like his garden at Curinga, with its dense perfume and its memories which blossom on his canvases.

Orari di apertura al pubblico:
dal lunedì al sabato dalle 10.00 alle 13.00 e dalle 15.30 alle 19.30.