Lino Centi


Architect, Lino Centi hs been professor of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture at Florence University. He participated in the seminary Thèorie de l’Art for a biennial directed by Hubert Damisch at Ècole Pratique des Haute Ètudes of Paris. He has edited the journal “Tèchne” and “Ricerca Architettonica”.  From 1995 to 2010 he has been director of Centro Studi Giovanni Klaus Koenig, cultural centre of the department of Technology and Design Pierluigi Spadolini.


20 January – 9th February 2023
opening Friday 20th January 2023, 6pm

The exhibition Errance by the artist Lino Centi opens on Friday, 20th January, 2023 at 6 pm.

The artworks on show, arises from a cross dialectic of memory and exploration. There are memories, wounds, a dark forest and the painful path of recognition. And also a constant, personal meditation on painting and its history that allows Lino Centi to enter new and unknown territories where disorientation and wanderings are illuminated with lights.

They seem to be inscribed with a rigorous geometry that makes them orbit like tiny autonomous universes. Almost a realm of “windowless” monads. But if the gaze penetrates further, one catches their transformation. This is because each fragment explodes into feverish and rhythmic signs and the spots of colour break and invade the geometry of the drawing. The subtlety of the glazes and the stratifications of colour reveal new spaces and surfaces that emerge evanescent, iridescent like sensations, alluding to change, to the transience of the instant, to a realm of possibilities.

The artist’s working method, always starts blindly, groping, without a precise intention. When he thinks he sees something in the work, he stops and suspends it. He needs to give it a name, to give it a title. Only later does the picture find its complete definition.

“The error is to wander”. This is the axiom that places Lino Centi in the world.

From the introduction of Ivan Teobaldelli