Paolo Caponi

Born in Arezzo in 1943, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia in 1969.

His artistic career began with engraving to then devote himself to sculpture and graphics.
In the 1980s he moved to Venezuela where he received recognition for engraving and sculpture. In these years he dedicated himself to his sculptural characters, using various materials assembled with terracotta parts. In the same period he devoted himself to documentary photography.
He returned to Italy in 1985 and began the fusion of small bronzes with the insertion of precious materials. He also made jewellery with these materials, using archetypal and symbolic forms.
From 1998 to 2001 he moved back to Caracas creating terracotta and cement sculptures which he exhibited at the El Bosque gallery. On his return, he exhibited a new cycle of sculptures called “Presenza del tempo” (Presence of time) at  Galleria Immaginaria in Florence. He again took up his interest in photography and in the cycle “Scatole di Poesia Visiva” ( Boxes of Visual Poetry), “Scarpe Celestiali” (Heavenly Shoes) and  “Interni” (Interiors)  objects and environments are transformed into a dreamlike, surreal and metaphysical vision.
His latest creations are  Idols, large polychromatic wood sculptures  presented together with his photographic works at Galleria Immaginaria in Florence.
His works are found in public and private collections.