Valérie Buffetaud

1962, Versailles, France

She was born in Versailles in 1962 after spending a long period in Tuscany. She lives and works in Paris and in Haute-Provence.
As a painter and engraver she also has practiced sculpture, ceramics and photography. Her artistic investigation is driven by nature and conveyed by the strength of colour and the vibration of matter.
Since 1988 she has participated in collective exhibitions in Europe (Geneva, Siena, Salzburg, Linz, Berlin …) and since 1992 she has exhibited in personal exhibitions. Her works can be found  in private collections and since 2001 she has been represented by Galleria Immaginaria in Florence. She has also participated in many international fairs.
Her interest in literature and music have led her to collaborate with poets and  participate in public  performances that blend painting, music, poetry and theatre.
Franck Moatti’s 2011 documentary “Percours” reconstructs her artistic career.