The New world

Cesare Reggiani

24 august – 15 september 2023
opening Thursday 24th August 2023, at 6 pm

Opens 24th August 2023 at 6 pm at Galleria Immaginaria of Florence personal exhibition of Cesare Reggiani “The New world”.

His works invite us to marvel, whether it is the red of a sunset on the trunk and green needles of a maritime pine, the shadows or reflections on a body of water of a mathematically perfect building, the fleece or plumage of an animal, the unaware beauty of a turtle, a porcupine or an antelope and, after all, of what we can no longer see or even imagine.
The artist uses a perfect technique – without emotional forcing, dry and almost unspoken like that of certain Renais- sance masters – and a known and common iconographic repertoire; perhaps sublimating abstract planes and volumes, recreating landscapes resulting from collages or improbable geographical mixes and dramatizing poses and relationships between animals, nature and as solemn as rarefied constructions, the result, perhaps, of a supreme rational intelligence that has disappeared or of unknown origin.
Reggiani’s is a completely imaginary world, a “possible world” but also unreal and utopian.A world that “could” exist as nature and animals invite us to think but, equally, unrealistic and almost dreamlike.

Curated by Franco Bertoni