Francesco Maria Testa

Born in Sant’Agaipo in Molise in 1933, he has always been involved in the production, processing and merchandising of Italian and foreign tobacco. The search for quality is a fundamental part of his existence.

He is the author of numerous writings, books, articles, essays, but the camera has been his passion since 1957.

His very personal ‘modus operandi’ has developed around the goal of framing and taking the “final” photo with a single shot,  without further elaboration of framing or correction of  contrast and  colour in the darkroom. He pursues an ideal harmony between mental vision and the photographic vision of the framed object.

His photos have been exhibited on numerous occasions with itinerant installations such as “Paesaggi dell’Anima” (Soul Landscapes), a personal exhibition with a presentation by Anna Rita Caputo and “La Sospensione del Tempo” (The suspension of time) together with the sculptor painter Fernando Cucci.

Now he lives and works in Florence.